The Features Of Slitherio Unblocked Games

slitherio unblocked games

The Slitherio unblocked games are available online and can be accessed by any individual who wants to play. The player just needs to have a stable internet connection and a device that can be used to browse the web. It is also possible to share these games with your friends and family.

There is a share button that allows you to share the game with your friends and family on social media platforms. They are also available even in HD quality which is such a good video quality. The player has to use a website that permits individuals to access such games. It is advisable to use websites that mainly deal with online games.

Important Features in Slitherio Unblocked Games

The map is one important feature in Slitherio unblocked games that the player needs to study keenly. The map can assist the player in locating the position of the orbs which the snake feeds on. Locating them on the map will help the player decide on the best route to follow. Locating the orbs before your opponents means that your snake will feed more hence grow larger than those of your opponents.

slitherio unblocked games

Tricks and Techniques

Eventually, when your snake is of a considerable size you can lure the other snakes in your direction so that they can bump into you and burst. When they burst you can then feed on what remains of them which will increase your size as well as scores. In Slitherio unblocked games the player should aim at not necessarily growing larger but also emerging among the top players on the leader board. With a larger snake, it is also possible to go round your opponents and confining it so that it has no option but to come into contact with you which will finish them. Extra caution should be taken when doing this trick as you might also end up destroying yourself.


When using the PC to play Slitherio unblocked, it is advisable to use a full screen to avoid unintended scrolling of the pages when playing. The game can be controlled by the use of a keyboard or a mouse. When using the keyboard the arrow keys are used for navigation.

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