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The online game can be accessed through several ways such as by the use of a browser o through the app which can be found on Google play and iTunes.

The app has been reviewed by about four hundred people on Google play since it was made available there. The average rating is 4.5 which can be considered a strong rate since most of the apps on the top list of Google play have four plus ratings. The number of individuals who gave a five star review was two hundred and eighty seven and thirty one individuals gave it a one star review. The number of individuals who have downloaded the app on Google play alone ranges from a thousand to five thousand.

Basic Features

The game is played online even while using the app. The player competes with other opponents who are available online at that particular moment. When playing it is possible for the players to see each other user names in addition to the scores they have made in the game so far. The player can use mobile data or Wi-Fi as their internet connection. app

The player also has the capability to share the scores of the game to their social media platforms using the option on the home screen. The game does not have a chat option where the players can communicate with one another to avoid boredom while playing. Players can play the for iPad version of the game. The player should carefully read the terms and conditions of the app before downloading so that they can find what information gathered by the app is shared.

How The Game Is Played Using App

Playing the game using the app is no different from playing it on the web browser. The snake increases in size the more you feed on the orbs and you can still feed on the smaller snakes once they explode. The only absent feature in the app is the chat feature. While playing using the app it is not possible for the player to communicate with the other players while playing. Playing using the app automatically qualifies the player to access the special features which can only be enjoyed while playing using the private servers.

The Overall Experience

The overall user experience is good considering the greatest percentage of people who took time to rate the app gave it a five star. It is only a negligible population that considered it bad.

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