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The unblocked servers are those websites or servers on browsers that facilitate the playing of online games such as

The unblocked servers allow the players to enjoy playing the snake themed game online. The size of the snake increases the more it is fed with orbs. By continuously feeding on the tiny pellets your snake will become huge in size and at some point, you might have to feed on the tiny ones in order for your snake to get their share of tiny pellets too. It is very possible to appear on the leader board but you will have to put some extra effort to earn that. Your skills will have to be better than those of your opponents. Unblocked Servers

In unblocked server one can lure the other snakes to bump into your body so that they can burst. It is important to ensure that the head of your snake is out of reach. If your snake bumps into the other snakes with the head it will result in you bursting hence losing. The speed of the snake should also be boosted only when necessary because the acceleration results in a decrease in the size of the snake. The larger your snake becomes, the higher the chances of other snakes bumping into you. unblocked servers

Things To Keep In Mind

The size of your snake is not a determinant of whether you will win or lose the online game which is played on unblocked servers. Both the small and large snakes have equal chances of winning what matters are the tricks and techniques the player uses. It is possible for players with small snakes to play against opponents with larger snakes and defeating them. They can do so by playing tricks so that the larger snake bumps into you and by so doing it will burst and your snake can feed on it. You can also play free game on unblocked servers.

Tips And Tricks

Carefully reading the map available on the unblocked servers when playing is very essential as it will direct you to where the food orbs are located. Rather than attaining a large size, you should also aim at appearing on the game leader board. Feed on as many orbs and tiny snakes as you can so that when you accelerate the speed of your snake the length reduction will be very minimal.

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