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There are several ways through which a player can enjoy playing online, through the private server, and through a general server. The online game can be accessed online by any player using a PC or devices that use Android or IOS operating system. When on these devices the player can opt to search for the game using a web browser.

Playing using a general sever is when the player decides to play the game from any websites that do not restrict such activities on the internet. Playing the game using the private server on the other hand requires the user to have downloaded the mods.

What Is The Private Server?

The developer of has created a private library online where the players can access the various new game features available. The features are not automatically added to the game which means the players have to search, download then install them manually. The private server is that feature where all the hacks are stored by the developer. The features are only available to members who have installed the mods on their browsers. Individuals using the general browsers will not be able to access these features hence missing out on a lot of action. private server

Benefits of Mods

Players who have installed the mods on their browsers will access a wide range of cheats to help them defeat their opponents. The cheats range from the zoom hack. The free skins, the bots, and the unlock skins.

These features give you an added benefit allowing you to easily beat your opponent easily. cheats such as the zoom hack allow the player to zoom in and out of the screen. The zooming effect allows you to see all areas of the map and hence you can spot your opponent when they are miles away. All these benefits can only be enjoyed by players using the private server.

How To Download

The private server can be found online. All you need to do is search for them then download them on your web browsers. The mods are compatible with all the web browsers so you do not have to worry about them not being compatible with the web browser you use. Once it is downloaded you can start using it instantly.

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