Does The Invisible Skin For Slitherio Exist?

invisible skin for slitherio

The Slitherio online game offers a variety of customized snake skins from which the players can select which makes the invisible skin for Slitherio interesting.

The Slitherio game offers a wide variety of skins to help the player customize their snake as much as possible which is why many people were taken with the sound of invisible skin for Slitherio. This type of skin is said to make a player invisible to their opponents so that they can launch their attack on them unnoticed. This was just but speculation that took toil over social media and many people who were marketing the concept misled people.

It is funny that even a majority of the gamers fell in the misinformed category. The notion of people believing everything they read or hear online has its perks and cons. The invisible skin for Slitherio was definitely one of those situations that illustrate the cons.

The Invisible Skin For Slitherio

Many gamers who had heard or read about the invisible skins for Slitherio being advertised online were very disappointed with the outcomes when they tried to apply the concept in a real gaming situation. The players did not turn into invisible ninjas that launched attacks on their opponents in Slitherio. This is because there is no such thing as invisible skins for Slitherio.

invisible skin for slitherio

Reason Why

The reason why Slitherio is the most popular snake themed game is that the players are able to see the opponents and at times communicate with them using the chat feature. If the invisible skin for Slitherio was added to the game features there are numerous players who would use the feature at a go. Imagine several opponents who are challenging each other online going invisible to one another. The opponents would collide with each other and die without either of them witnessing the end of the other. It would also be impossible for you to feed on your opponent once they burst since you cannot even see them.

Do They Exist?

The developers of the Slitherio game have not added a new skin feature known as invisible skin for Slitherio. Any information indicating otherwise is misleading and untrue. To every this, you can search for this type of skin in the skin options available at the Slitherio mods. This option does not exist in the Slitherio private servers which indicates it does not exist for the online game.

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