What Are Other Games Like Slither.io?

games like slither.io

There is an array of snake themed online games like Slither.io which have been developed over the years. The first snake themed that hit the market was probably the snake game which was available on the Nokia mobile phones.

The game had the same concept as the modern version of Slither.io game. The snake increases in size by feeding on the orbs. There have been several snake themed games like Slither.io which have been created to present the players with an alternative if they want to try something different with the same theme. The games are also free and played online just like Slither.io. There are so many lovers of this game, Slither.io toys are now among the popular products in every toy store.

Games Like Slither.io: Agar.io

This game is probably the second popular game after Slither.io. The game has been downloaded about a hundred million times. The game does not have a snake but rather a ball that grows in size by feeding on small circles. The ball can also feed on the smaller balls that represent other players which will result in an increase in size.

The larger your ball becomes the less your speed becomes and there is a possibility of splitting into tiny bits. The balls also have the capability to eject the dots. There are many techniques that can be used to defeat the balls that are smaller in size hence emerging on the leader board of the games like Slither.io. The game is available online, on Google Play and iTunes.

games like slither.io


This game is similar to Slither.io combined with Agar.io. The game is very addictive; once a player starts they can be glued to it for hours. The game is snake themed like Slither.io but when the snake is fed with the food orbs it glows. The game consists of various levels and each varies from the next in terms of features such as the spiked walls that kill the snakes immediately. There are many exciting features on the game that allow the player to perform various functions such as shielding themselves and being invisible. iTunes, Google Play, and web browsers have games like Slither.io such as the supersnake.io.


This game involves the use of geometric shapes to play. The triangles represent the player. The other concepts such as the leader board are similar to those of games like Slither.io. The players however do not feed on the dots to become larger in size but in order to increase the scores hence rising on the leader board. The unique feature of the game is the triangular ammo which can be aimed at the opponents.

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