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The first version of was very popular. Many players are waiting for 2 version. 2 is an io snake game of next-generation, where you have to be the hero in the arena of snakes. Your objective is to cut and kill your adversaries and gather the pellets. You have to cut all the foe snakes by slicing through them just like cutting peanut butter with a sharp knife.

What Are The Features Of The Game?

The original game of is loved by many. There are still millions of people playing the first version of this game. Many players are eagerly waiting for the next generation game 2021. With many new features, the game pleasure of the players will improve.

The Star booster is the primary feature of the 2 game. Once you choose this power, the rainbow shield can cover you. You can slice through the adversaries. Your snake’s tail can turn into pellets and its head can move ahead. It makes the game trickier, given that even top players can be cut by smaller players and the leaderboard can be changed. 2

It is easier to grow a snake here. You actually need to grow a snake and feed it continuously, although the task gets complicated by a few subtleties. For instance, at the start, when your snake does not grow more than 1 cm in size, it will crawl fast. However, as soon as the snake grows in size, it can hardly get the chance to move fast. The rise in the number of snakes in the playing area is one more difficulty. There are very few snakes in the beginning. However, with each passing minute, it can be more and more difficult to crash into them. Else, your snake would die.

How to Play 2?

Your aim is to be the biggest and most powerful snake, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to gather color pellets. Explore your map and gather as many pellets as possible. At times, you might find a triangle, which can increase the speed of your snake. This is quite helpful and can let you gather pellets much quicker. You may also increase your snake’s speed by holding a mouse button, although you lose points due to this action. It costs your snake its length.

In the game, you also need to kill other snakes. The subjugated snake is compelled to leave the mass as pellets. These pellets can be gobbled by other players, who can get the points that the killed snake had accumulated. A snake dies when it hit other snakes’ bodies.

The controls of the game are the same as in the first version. The 2 game can be regulated by easy controls, such as using Click to boost the speed of your character and making use of Mouse to move the character.

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